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HTS gets Reloaded!

We have a new team and a new and improved direction for HTS:

We are creating a world that you can build upon. With adventures starting on the continent of Stonesreach.

If you would like to sign up for Beta Testing then fill out the form on the Contact page and thank you all for your support!

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Series placed on hold!‚Äč

If you would like to see what others are missing out on:

Rise of the Neo Republic

Elite politicians have been living in luxury in Stonesreach for some time now, however the elite class is growing and the taxes collected from the masses isn't enough to satisfy their wallets. 
After meeting in secret the elite leaders of Stonesreach devised a way to divide the people and to "enlighten" the rest of the world with the wealth stolen by explorers. 
The explorers will be used as scapegoats by demonizing them in order to fund their wars and re-establish the Neo Republic's reign once again to this uncivilized world.
So grab a shovel explorer or seek out the very dungeons you've raided to hide what you have risked your life to earn and keep what rightfully belongs to you.

After a gruesome battle in what seems to be an endless war a son sells his soul to save his family and the parents will stop at nothing to get it back!